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Carrie Fucile, Jason Charney, petra

Please join us for a multi-sensory concert experience at 2640. This early Sunday night concert will feature quadrophonic sound installations, light sculptures, and electronic music that toes the boundaries between composition and improvisation. Rhode Island musician petra will be joined by Baltimore locals Carrie Fucile and Jason Charney for an intimate evening that is designed to use 2640s beautiful arched ceiling as a main feature to the musical and visual experience. Please read below for more information about the program.

Sunday March 31, 2019 @ 2640 Space
7pm start (6:30 doors)
$5-10 Sliding Scale

About The Artists
Carrie Fucile is an interdisciplinary artist focused on sound, sculpture, installation, and performance. Her work explores geographical territory through the lenses of politics, economics, history, and family; often at the same time. Technology that responds to or produces vibration is a central element of her construction. She has presented her work at venues around the world but makes her home in Baltimore, Maryland.

On March 31st, Carrie will perform "Gyre."

"Gyre" is a sound-based performance that considers layers of family history as they relate to landscape and time. Presented in the round, both audience and performer are encircled by the noises of a subtropical environment via quadrophonic speakers. As the artist walks a curved path and sporadically vocalizes, vibration producing devices manipulate granules of sand below her and pressure sensitive technologies amplify her footsteps.

Jason Charney, composer and multimedia artist in Baltimore, performs a solo set on modular synthesizer with an animated, responsive light sculpture.
Expect tectonic drones, mountains of harmonic textures, and avalanches of layered melody filling the nave of 2640 with sound and color. //

petra improvises noisily with homemade and off-the-shelf electronics and voice. Her searching, unexpected multimedia work "drives malfunctioning machinery in chaotic directions" (Bristol 24/7) and shows that "even mundane sounds... can be beautiful" (Cville Weekly) through resonances of instrumentality and access.
Her first solo album "filament" is out March 2019 on Gold Bolus Recordings (, and her Spring 2019 tour sees this material refracted and reworked in a hybrid electrovocal live context. petra is based in Providence, Rhode Island.