Public & organizational events

Reach out to our collective, at with the following:

  • Your name/ organization

  • Event description

  • Anticipated event date(s)/time(s)

  • Anticipated set-up time

  • Number of people expected

  • Entry fee

  • Are you providing food & drink? music? please describe.

  • Do you have a need for our kitchen? sound system? projector/screen?

No worries if you don't have one. A social media page is fine too!
Point of Contact *
Point of Contact
Generally, the best person to ask questions about the event. The person who's filling out this form.
Be sure to let us know what kind of event it is! Is it a meeting or a rally? Let us know! If you're not sure exactly what you'll be doing, no worries, one of our collective members will be in touch with any questions
Date of Request
Date of Request
We don't need an exact date. A range of dates would be better for our collective. Please indicate any other possible dates in the "notes" field.
These next questions are not required but the more information, the better we can find staffing and confirm your event.
Will there be an entry fee for this event?
How many people are you expecting?
While 2640 is a large space, we host all kinds of events of varying sizes. So feel free to check 2 (but no more than) boxes if you're not quite sure!
Will you need any sound equipment?
Will you need to use our projector?
If possible, please include a tentative agenda so that we know what equipment we will need. Please note: 2640 Space does not provide staffing to man the sound booth, it is up to the event to provide that (especially in the case of DJs)
Do you need to use our kitchen?
Outside of simple water usage will you need to cook/prep in our kitchen?
Please include if you would like to use the kitchen before and during the event. You are allowed to bring food from a caterer of your choice as well as a potluck.
Are you serving food or drink for sale?
2640 Space does not allow the sale of alcohol.